Battleground Defense review –

“… had a lot of fun playing Battleground Defense. Evelyn Software Labs did a great job in packaging this game… “

Battleground Defense was chosen as the first iPad game to be reviewed by !

The sologamer has given us a detailed review, with a 4 star overall rating and 4.5 star rating for fun !

There is a general introduction about the game, followed by a detailed review categorised into graphics, difficulty, fun and an overall summing up. 
They also have a seperate section for strategy, which lists out many tips you might find helpful to play. Dont forget to check it out !

Click here to read the entire review !

Wait, there’s more ! – there are also two gameplay videos of Battleground Defense uploaded by the sologamer in their youtube channel  – check out this and this, to catch a peek of the action !

Battleground Defense review –

Quick quiz : Name 3 things that the Turkish have .
Answer      : The Blue mosque, the Hagia Sophia, and now, a Turkish language review of          Battleground Defense !

Yes, Battleground Defense has a Turkish review at Appmedya – and that comes with a 4-star rating, both overall as well as for the graphics, game play and sound !

Appmedya thinks Battleground Defense is a fun tower defense game ! ( – or at least, thats what we think they think !)

So, if you happen to have good Turkish language skills, head over here to read the entire review !

Don’t worry if you don’t read Turkish, you can open the page in your chrome browser and opt for its translation tool, or use the google translator here to view an approximate translation !

Summer time at Battleground HQ – expect more excitement !

It has been a good six months now since the release of Battleground Defense for iOS, and it has been a great journey for us so far. 
We believe that good game play is no child’s play, and are constantly thinking of ways to make our game more rewarding.

We are all set for our first summer here at HQ, and have a lot planned for the coming months !
You can look out for loads of new features that are sure to make your gaming experience all the more fun, and we are also looking forward to enter new platforms and reach out to a wider audience.

So watch out for more announcements in the coming weeks. We’ll be back soon with more updates, sneak peeks and special trailers!

Get your game face on and get ready to spend the summer chilling out and turning the heat on the enemies!

Battleground Defense review –

“The sound effects were appropriately metal-pounding… “

“Battleground Defense kept us going through to the end and offers a solid enough diversion for iOS devices”

            – thats what the indiegamereviewer says about our game, and has given us 3.5 stars!

                        be sure to check out the entire review, click here  to read more !

Battleground Defense review – Mobile

“An addictive tower defense game that can provide hours of battlefield strategy fun… ” 
       – that is Mobile TechReview’s verdict on Battleground Defense !  

  we have a  5/5 rating for the controls, and 4/5 rating for the game play and graphics ! 

and thats not all – 
                                 “a solid title that features a strong AI “

                          “effective and clear graphics that enhance the gameplay…”

        – click here to read the entire review !