Evelyn Labs is looking for software engineers !

We are primarily a game development company with two published titles in the iOS app store and another one coming up soon. We are also service providers for developing mobile apps, simulators, and educational software.


We are now looking for  software engineers to join our team in Bangalore. We are a young, dynamic team with a fun-loving culture. We believe in out-of-the-box thinking and unconventional solutions. Our mission is to create products that make a difference to human lives, yet stay true to our belief that anything can be fun.


We need fresh graduates (2013 pass-outs) who should be,


- B.E/B.Tech – IT/CS with a minimum of 65%


- MCA or M.Sc IT/CS with a minimum of 70%


- Should be willing to relocate to Bangalore.


The selection process shall be based on -


- Aptitude and Technical Test –  Algorithms and Basic Programming ( C or any programming language preferred by the candidate)


- Technical Interview


The candidate should be willing to work as part of a team and be interested in creative and innovative solutions.


If you are interested in joining the Evelyn Labs team, please apply by following the details in this link .

Skillveri Training Solutions wins third place in the India Innovation Initiative 2012

We are happy to share the news that our partner Skillveri Training Solutions has been awarded the third place in the national level of i3 – The India Innovation Initiative 2012. The annual event is conducted by the department of science and technology of the Government of India, together with CII (Confederation of Indian Industry) and Agilent Technologies.


The award winning product was Skillveri’s gamified welding training tool Aura, and it competed with more than 600 other products at various levels before going on to the finals. The final round held at New Delhi saw 42 entries selected from all regions of the country, and Skillveri bagged the third place for their innovative solution.


Evelyn Labs is proud of being associated with Skillveri and contributing our part in building an award winning product. This is what Skillveri’s CEO Sabarinath.C.Nair has to say about our work -


“Evelyn Labs brings a lot of game design expertise which is critical to making a game addictive. The best thing I like about working with Evelyn is that they understand the ‘big picture’ of the requirements. They bring together a rare combination of good graphical design skills and programming skills. The speed and promptness with which they delivered our requirements is very commendable. Their work has been instrumental in helping us win this award”


We wish Skillveri all the very best and hope they see many more milestones ahead.

Evelyn Labs joins hands with Invention Labs to build new educational tools.

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson


Only very few dare to leave the beaten track, and be innovators and pioneers.


Invention Labs is one of them, and Evelyn Labs is now teaming up with them to develop new educational tools.

They create products that are relevant in the Indian scenario, as well as provide their services to many companies worldwide.


Invention Labs has seen a wide spectrum of challenges, from building milk-packet vending machines to working with the Indian Space Research Organisation.


Their flagship product is ‘Avaz’ – India’s first assistive device for people with speech disabilities due to autism,cerebral palsy, hearing impairment and other reasons. It helps to give a voice to people whose only means of communication is non-verbal.

invention labs, avaz, learning tools, educational tools
They’ve also developed the ‘Avaz’ app for iPad, specifically meant for children with autism.It is a form of ‘alternate communication’ and helps children with speech difficulties to express themselves. The device and the app are both designed to assist children with special needs communicate, express their thoughts and feelings, and enjoy a natural and normal childhood without being inhibited just because they are non-verbal.


We, at Evelyn Labs, are now very happy to be joining hands with Invention Labs. We will be providing our services to them in their next venture, building learning and educational tools. In working with invention labs, we are having the satisfaction of working on a product that is innovative, unique, child-friendly and makes learning fun.
It proves to be an extension of our belief that anything can be fun ! – and it makes us proud that our work is not just going to build products, but create solutions.

Bringing gaming to learning – Evelyn Labs partners with SkillVeri

Why do people love weekends ?
Why do we groan on monday mornings ?
Whether its kids or adults, doesn’t everyone feel they need to break away from the same, monotonous tasks they do for the entire week ?


It is the emotional connect and fulfillment that makes ‘work’ into a ‘passion’. And it is with that understanding that we decided to make gaming our way of life at Evelyn Labs.


We believe that fun doesn’t have to stop with games.What if there could be fun in doing the regular, everyday tasks ? What if learning or studying could be more interesting ?


Evelyn Labs now expands its horizons, from being just game developers to bringing our expertise in games to other areas which could use creativity and unconventional thinking.


In this new phase of our journey, we are proud to partner with SkillVeri, whose aim is to use gaming as an educational tool. SkillVeri aims to provide training tools to address the growing gap between theoretical education and vocational skills. SkillVeri is currently offering solutions for the welding industry, and Evelyn Labs has joined hands with them to providing technical solutions for building their products, which include simulators for training in the welding industry.

 welding simulator, evelyn labs, skillveri,simulator, training, software



The best products are those which enrich the human experience, and what could be better than providing solutions for better learning and better skills ? We are happy that we are building easier solutions for better tomorrows.


Have fun, and do what makes you happy. Have a nice weekend folks !


Battleground Defense 2 – The City

It has been a big week here at the Battleground HQ ! Today we are all set to release our second game, “Battleground Defense 2 – The City” on the iTunes app store. The game will be up for download from 00.00 Hrs (local time) on 28th July, and is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


Battleground Defense 2 (or BGD2 as we like to call it !) brings tower defense gameplay and modern warfare into a new city based theme. Watch guns, cannons and missiles explode on your screens as you take down wave after wave of enemies ! And with a zoom option, you’ll be able to feel all the action  up close, and brag your scores to your facebook friends and twitter followers with buttons from within the game !


Excited and all set to try the game ?

We have two versions, and here are the links for downloading the game :

Battleground Defense 2 – The City :Free

Battleground Defense 2 – The City : Paid

You can also find a more detailed description, screenshots and videos for the game on our page for Battleground Defense 2


We are sure you’ll enjoy playing the game as much as we do ! Do try it out, have fun, and let us know what you think – we’d love to hear from you !

You can leave us a comment here on our blog or make a post on our forums here .

You can also find us on  facebook and follow us on twitter .

Summer time at Battleground HQ – expect more excitement !

It has been a good six months now since the release of Battleground Defense for iOS, and it has been a great journey for us so far. 
We believe that good game play is no child’s play, and are constantly thinking of ways to make our game more rewarding.

We are all set for our first summer here at HQ, and have a lot planned for the coming months !
You can look out for loads of new features that are sure to make your gaming experience all the more fun, and we are also looking forward to enter new platforms and reach out to a wider audience.

So watch out for more announcements in the coming weeks. We’ll be back soon with more updates, sneak peeks and special trailers!

Get your game face on and get ready to spend the summer chilling out and turning the heat on the enemies!

Launch of Forums @Evelyn Labs !

As you might have noticed, our Forumspage is now up and running! 

Do step in and post your comments and feedback.
Have tips and tricks to make the game more interesting? Share them!
Have any questions or need any info? Ask away and we’ll be right there to help!
Share your thoughts and get your friends and fellow gamers to join the discussion here.

So, load up your ammo, and charge!

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