Battleground Defense 2 – The City

Battleground Defense 2 The City brings tower defense gameplay and modern warfare into a new city based theme. Watch guns, cannons and missiles explode on your screens as you take down wave after wave of enemies ! And with a zoom option, you’ll be able to feel all the action  up close, and brag your scores to your facebook friends and twitter followers with buttons from within the game !

Excited and all set to try the game ?

We have two versions, and here are the links for downloading the game :

Battleground Defense 2 The City :Free

Battleground Defense 2 The City : Paid

You can also find a more detailed description, screenshots and videos for the game on our page for Battleground Defense 2

We are sure you’ll enjoy playing the game as much as we do ! Do try it out, have fun, and let us know what you think – we’d love to hear from you !

You can also find us on  facebook and follow us on twitter .

Baby Steps!

Life is a journey! And who doesn’t know that!Evelyn Software Labs Private Limited was born as a concept on November, 2010.  After analyzing a lot of interesting areas, we finalized to enter the market as a Game Development Company.


Because, this is where Art, Technology and Business converges. This is where imagination can take up the wildest forms.

With 2 employees now, we had recently released a prototype of our first game to a select set of gamers. We got mixed feedback, but the gameplay got a +1 from all.

To fill the gaps on our skill set, this month we will add one more graphic designer to our strength. We will start our operations from our new office in Trivandrum, Kerala from September 2011 onwards.